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3 July 2016

Introduction to creating DOM elements with yo-yo.js

A simple JS API for creating reusable elements that can be diffed and updated similar to React and other virtual dom modules – without the virtual part.
3 September 2015

Using cookies with browser-side GitHub auth

Allow GitHub login on your static sites.
24 August 2015

Using gatekeeper to authenticate to GitHub with browser-side JavaScript

Allow GitHub login on your static sites.
10 August 2015

Editing data with

Edit some tabular data & save it to a GitHub gist with this open source tool.
9 August 2015 is now is now This is an exciting change, and I hope you'll stick around to enjoy all the upcoming awesome.
3 August 2015

css via npm: using and publishing small css modules

If you write JavaScript you use npm. It's the best method for publishing and using JavaScript libraries for both server and browser code.
2 August 2015

Journalism as a city's API documentation

Journalism is literally the documentation of our communities, but the word documentation has special meaning in open source software. Open source projects usually come with documentation, guides, and references that serve as an operator's manual for the project. If only every City Hall had an operator's manual.
23 November 2014

Making videos into GIFs on the command-line with gifify

Making gifs from videos using the command-line is easy using gifify.
8 October 2014

Learn JavaScript by adventuring around in the terminal

Learning to code online is cool. But sometimes people get to the end of a tutorial on a site like and then say, "wait, now how do I use that?"
16 September 2014

Making retro interactive art with gretro & gameloop

This will serve as a basic introduction to the gretro, a JavaScript module that provides an API for drawing 2D art on a canvas that has the style of a retro video game.
5 August 2014

Introduction to pixi.js

Pixi.js is a wonderful library dedicated to serving as a fast and simple rendering engine. It can be used with a number of other JavaScript game libraries, and can do both canvas and WebGL rendering.
17 June 2014

Using leaflet-draw with browserify

A while back I was working on a simple mapping project and wanted to use leaflet-draw with browserify. I discovered that there was "one weird trick" for getting everything working as expected.
17 March 2014

Using Browserify with Ruby on Rails

Working on a Ruby on Rails project I had a moment where I realized, "Hey, I haven't used Browserify with Rails before, maybe I should try that out!"
17 March 2014

Exploring the open source 2048 game javascript examples

I spent a lot of time over the past few days playing this game called 2048, which is a clone of a game called 1024, which appears to be a clone of the game Threes.
17 March 2014

Experimenting with Gremlins.js and the canvas tag

The Gremlins.js library is designed for monkey testing (aka fuzz testing) applications by "unleashing a horde of undisciplined gremlins" that click, scroll, and otherwise cause havoc in the app they are released in. They mimic actual eve...
4 March 2014

Preloading and rendering image sprites in 2d js/canvas games

Learn about using the sprite-2d, load-images, and gameloop modules to create animations for 2d canvas/javascript games.
20 February 2014

Using Snap.svg with Browserify

It's not currently possible to use Snap.svg with Browserify by requiring the snapsvg package that's distributed on npm, but there is a workaround!
11 February 2014

Create a Node.js app that consumes APIs & is composed of small modules

September 7, 2014 update: This tutorial now works with the api that the Seattle LocalWiki now uses.
6 February 2014

Creating standalone JavaScript library builds with browserify, watchify, and uglify-js

Recently I had the opportunity to use Browserify as one of the tools for creating a JavaScript module for a client that is building a mapping product for architects and urban planners.
28 January 2014

JavaScript string method usage examples

Here is a collection of common and useful string methods that exist in Javascript.
22 January 2014

Setting up a JavaScript / Node.js development environment

The most difficult part of getting started with a language isn't necessarily learning the syntax, data types, control structures, or other parts of the language itself. The hardest part is often learning the tools associated with the language&...
20 January 2014

Using rework-npm for bundling css from npm along with myth and clean-css

In this tutorial we'll focus on bundling css that's published on npm using three modules:
17 January 2014

On making simple games quickly with crtrdg.js

Check out this simple implementation of pong I made in a few hours last night:
22 December 2013

Using Browserify with Express

In this brief post we'll take a look at using express, a popular web app framework for node.js, with browserify, a tool for bundling javascript modules written in node.js style for the browser.
30 November 2013

A collection of useful Snap.svg resources

Snap.svg resources Snap.svg is a new SVG library targeting modern browsers. It is an open source project released by Adobe, and created by the same developer that created Raphael.js.
24 November 2013

A collection of useful Browserify resources

I've been using, reading, and writing about the development tool Browserify for a while, and thought it would be useful to compile some of the most useful resources for learning more about the tool.
23 November 2013

Backbone & jQuery meet Browserify: easy.

Using browserify with modules from npm can be a little overwhelming at first, so what if we were able to use a couple of common front-end development libraries using along with browserify to ease the process of getting started?
16 November 2013

A super simple starting point for 2d javascript games

Here's the goal: I wanted the smallest and simplest starting point for 2d games I could come up with, using a clear and concise API.
8 November 2013

Basics of making maps with leaflet.js & browserify

Leaflet.js is an awesome, easy to learn mapping library. Here we’ll go through some introductory examples so you can get started using it in your projects. Hey, if leaflet is a mapping library for browsers, what’s it doing on npm? Client-side code...