Posts about Browserify

17 June 2014

Using leaflet-draw with browserify

A while back I was working on a simple mapping project and wanted to use leaflet-draw with browserify. I discovered that there was "one weird trick" for getting everything working as expected.
17 March 2014

Using Browserify with Ruby on Rails

Working on a Ruby on Rails project I had a moment where I realized, "Hey, I haven't used Browserify with Rails before, maybe I should try that out!"
20 February 2014

Using Snap.svg with Browserify

It's not currently possible to use Snap.svg with Browserify by requiring the snapsvg package that's distributed on npm, but there is a workaround!
11 February 2014

Create a Node.js app that consumes APIs & is composed of small modules

September 7, 2014 update: This tutorial now works with the api that the Seattle LocalWiki now uses.
6 February 2014

Creating standalone JavaScript library builds with browserify, watchify, and uglify-js

Recently I had the opportunity to use Browserify as one of the tools for creating a JavaScript module for a client that is building a mapping product for architects and urban planners.
22 December 2013

Using Browserify with Express

In this brief post we'll take a look at using express, a popular web app framework for node.js, with browserify, a tool for bundling javascript modules written in node.js style for the browser.
24 November 2013

A collection of useful Browserify resources

I've been using, reading, and writing about the development tool Browserify for a while, and thought it would be useful to compile some of the most useful resources for learning more about the tool.
23 November 2013

Backbone & jQuery meet Browserify: easy.

Using browserify with modules from npm can be a little overwhelming at first, so what if we were able to use a couple of common front-end development libraries using along with browserify to ease the process of getting started?