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16 September 2014

Making retro interactive art with gretro & gameloop

This will serve as a basic introduction to the gretro, a JavaScript module that provides an API for drawing 2D art on a canvas that has the style of a retro video game.
5 August 2014

Introduction to pixi.js

Pixi.js is a wonderful library dedicated to serving as a fast and simple rendering engine. It can be used with a number of other JavaScript game libraries, and can do both canvas and WebGL rendering.
17 March 2014

Experimenting with Gremlins.js and the canvas tag

The Gremlins.js library is designed for monkey testing (aka fuzz testing) applications by "unleashing a horde of undisciplined gremlins" that click, scroll, and otherwise cause havoc in the app they are released in. They mimic actual eve...
4 March 2014

Preloading and rendering image sprites in 2d js/canvas games

Learn about using the sprite-2d, load-images, and gameloop modules to create animations for 2d canvas/javascript games.
17 January 2014

On making simple games quickly with crtrdg.js

Check out this simple implementation of pong I made in a few hours last night:
16 November 2013

A super simple starting point for 2d javascript games

Here's the goal: I wanted the smallest and simplest starting point for 2d games I could come up with, using a clear and concise API.