Posts about Node.js

8 October 2014

Learn JavaScript by adventuring around in the terminal

Learning to code online is cool. But sometimes people get to the end of a tutorial on a site like and then say, "wait, now how do I use that?"
11 February 2014

Create a Node.js app that consumes APIs & is composed of small modules

September 7, 2014 update: This tutorial now works with the api that the Seattle LocalWiki now uses.
6 February 2014

Creating standalone JavaScript library builds with browserify, watchify, and uglify-js

Recently I had the opportunity to use Browserify as one of the tools for creating a JavaScript module for a client that is building a mapping product for architects and urban planners.
22 January 2014

Setting up a JavaScript / Node.js development environment

The most difficult part of getting started with a language isn't necessarily learning the syntax, data types, control structures, or other parts of the language itself. The hardest part is often learning the tools associated with the language&...
22 December 2013

Using Browserify with Express

In this brief post we'll take a look at using express, a popular web app framework for node.js, with browserify, a tool for bundling javascript modules written in node.js style for the browser.