Editing data with EditData.org

It's so common to need to edit data in a friendly format instead of JSON or CSV. You could use spreadsheet software, but it isn't always well suited to the task, particularly if your data has long text or unusual data types.

I made EditData.org as a quick & dirty demonstration of a different kind of editor for tabular data. You can import a CSV file or start a new dataset from scratch.

screenshot of editdata.org

Right now the app saves your data to GitHub gists, in an upcoming release I'd like to add the ability to edit JSON or CSV files in GitHub repositories.

The code

The project is built with virtual-dom and base-element, two JavaScript modules that I'm still learning how to use! It's almost entirely a browser app. The only server side code is a small server running gatekeeper, the same project that powers the oauth authorization for projects like prose.io, geojson.io, & requirebin.com. Those three projects also happen to be the primary inspirations for EditData.org.

Other modules used in the project:

Example usage

Check out this example usage of a tool for generating timelines called Tik Tok and how it can be used with EditData.org: datanews.github.io/tik-tok/examples/example-editdata.html

Contributing to EditData.org

The project is open source, MIT licensed, the code is on GitHub, and there's a contributing guide and a handful of open issues. If you're interested in getting involved, it would be exciting to have the help!

Seth Vincent

Seth makes weird arcades, writes JavaScript, and builds civic technology.