Learn JavaScript by adventuring around in the terminal

Learning to code online is cool. But sometimes people get to the end of a tutorial on a site like codecademy.com and then say, "wait, now how do I use that?"

I've been really inspired by the nodeschool.io project: You install interactive tutorials on your computer that you play through the terminal. They're modeled after adventure games, which is awesome. Plus they're free.

What I really like about these tutorials is that they help get people confident with using the terminal & a text editor – the same tools they would use to do actual programming work – rather than an abstract environment in the browser.

So I made a workshop in the style of nodeschool. An introduction to JavaScript.

You can install it using npm:

npm install -g javascripting

More information and instructions at the GitHub repo: github.com/sethvincent/javascripting

If you find yourself teaching JavaScript to a friend or at a workshop, something like this javascripting tutorial and the others at nodeschool.io can be really helpful.

You'll notice at the bottom of the readme.md file for this project that there are a few levels that I have on the todo list.

My challenge to you is to add those levels! Fork the repo and send a pull request for new levels or send fixes for existing ones.

Coming up with these kinds of levels is a great way to test & solidify your own understanding of programming concepts.

Seth Vincent

Seth makes weird arcades, writes JavaScript, and builds civic technology.