learnjs.io is now makerlog.org

Over the next few weeks learnjs.io will become makerlog.org. The new site already exists, and the transition will be gradual. This is an exciting change for me, and I hope you'll stick around to enjoy all the upcoming awesome.


The simple reason: writing only about JavaScript gets old.

The more complicated reason: I mostly focus on creating tools for journalists, community organizers, & interactive media. Part of that work is focused on software & part on education. The content of learnjs.io is relevant to that work, but it would fit better under a more broad name & mission: makerlog.org.

What will be on this new blog?

I love JavaScript, Node.js, npm, and related topics, but I'm wildly excited about expanding the topic areas that I write about. Expect posts related to code, art, robots, & the people behind those things. I plan to cover open source software, technology that supports civic engagement, community organizing, & the mad science of citizens.

What about the books?

You may have noticed I've taken a break from the Learn.js books. The main reason for that has been my focus on a project called Flatsheet, a tool for managing data as editorial content. Flatsheet is open source software that has received support from two grants. The current grant period recently ended, so I plan to do more book releases in October. Expect the books to get a massive makeover!

What's next?

There are a few main changes you'll notice:

  • The newsletter is now renamed to makerlog
  • The twitter account is renamed to @themakerlog
  • Posts are appearing at and redirecting to makerlog.org
  • New types of content will be included: interviews, screencasts, podcasts, live blogs, streaming, etc.
  • The Learn.js books will be re-released by Civic Maker Lab, with improved, expanded content. If you've already purchased a book you'll still get any updates for free.