On making simple games quickly with crtrdg.js

Check out this simple implementation of pong I made in a few hours last night: sethvincent.github.io/digital-table-tennis-for-two

It's made using crtrdg.js, a 2d toolkit for making games that leverages browserify for writing node-style javascript modules for the browser.

Here's the source on GitHub: github.com/sethvincent/digital-table-tennis-for-two.

It turns out I’ve been experimenting with making silly games for about a year!

At this time last year making even a dumb little game was a struggle. Yesterday I made a pong rip-off in a few hours. I’m happy about that.

I made this pong game as a quick warm-up for a "gaming for good" game jam I'm attending this weekend. A chance to test my tools to make sure everything is working properly. crtrdg.js is working well for me as a rapid prototyping tool. I learned to program with Processing, and that's informed some of my decisions in creating crtrdg.js.

I find that crtrdg.js works pretty great for game jams – quick projects where the stakes are low and the goal is to get an idea out fast.

Here's a post about what I learned from participating in Ludum Dare, an awesome game jam that inspired me to first start participating in that kind of event: What I learned from Ludum Dare 27.

Also check out this post that shows example usage of crtrdg.js: Creating animations with javascript, the canvas tag, and crtrdg.js. And this post about getting started making 2d games: A super simple starting point for 2d javascript games.

Seth Vincent

Seth makes weird arcades, writes JavaScript, and builds civic technology.